DeRisk: Revolutionizing Risk Management in DeFi Lending

Executive Summary

In the rapidly evolving landscape of DeFi, the management of loan risk, particularly the threat of loans going under water, is of paramount importance. DeRisk emerges as a pioneering open-source platform designed to mitigate these risks through advanced monitoring and forecasting technologies. Our mission is to safeguard lending protocols and their users by providing an accessible, comprehensive dashboard and early warning system that integrates seamlessly with lending protocols, analyzing loans in the context of available capital and liquidity risks. The ultimate goal of DeRisk is not only to prevent bad debt accumulation but also to lay the groundwork for an innovative insurance product tailored to this risk.

Project Overview

DeRisk is a cutting-edge, open-source platform offering a dynamic dashboard accessible to all, focusing on the comprehensive monitoring and forecasting of loan risks within the DeFi ecosystem. By collecting data from across lending protocols and across specified chains, DeRisk meticulously estimates the demand for liquidations, providing a holistic view of potential financial instabilities. In addition, the platform evaluates the available liquidity on Automated Market Makers (AMMs) and among liquidators to assess the market's ability to respond to these risks effectively. Through this comprehensive analysis, DeRisk evaluates loans in light of available capital and liquidity risks, prioritizing the detection and prevention of potential under water loans. This approach underscores our commitment to enhancing the stability and health of the DeFi market through efficient capital allocation and risk management, ensuring a more resilient and secure ecosystem for users and protocols alike.

Project Description

At its core, DeRisk leverages the integration with lending protocols and AMMs to analyze loans, taking into account the inherent volatility of the crypto market. The platform is engineered to offer a scalable solution that minimizes the risk of bad debt, boosts user confidence in lending protocols, and stimulates capital flow. This, in turn, contributes to the robustness of the DeFi ecosystem. Moreover, DeRisk's transparency facilitates the inclusion of mid to mid-low level tokens by lending protocols, broadening the spectrum of investment opportunities.

Community and Ecosystem Impact

Community Impact

DeRisk empowers users across different networks to gauge and manage the risk of bad debt accumulation effectively. By quantifying risk, DeRisk not only enables precise monitoring but also lays the foundation for offering insurance against bad debt. For example, in scenarios where lending protocols have extended loans significantly outweighed by available capital on DEXes, DeRisk provides timely alerts, allowing protocols to adjust their lending practices or incentivize liquidation, thereby mitigating risk.

This proactive approach reduces the need for extensive capital in security pools, thereby increasing capital circulation and lowering cost of capital. It also paves the way for future insurance, offering an insurance mechanism against potential losses, further decreasing the cost of capital in security pools.

Ecosystem Impact

DeRisk standardizes loan data, simplifying the onboarding of liquidators across lending protocols and chains and forecasts arbitrage opportunities caused by liquidations, which enhances market efficiency. The platform's analytics and insights foster confidence in lending protocols and the broader DeFi ecosystem. The development of insurance against bad loans, detailed on the DeRisk website, represents a significant step forward in ecosystem support.


DeRisk introduces a transformative approach to managing the risk of bad debt in the DeFi sector. As a cross-chain, open-source platform, it provides clear, visual assessments of risks, facilitating adjustments where necessary and enhancing market transparency. This initial stage is crucial for improving market efficiency, simplifying liquidator onboarding, and is the foundation for developing insurance products against bad loans. Through DeRisk, we are committed to strengthening the DeFi ecosystem, ensuring its sustainability and growth.

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