At the moment we're a small team, we are always on the lookout for exceptional talent to join us.

Current team consists of:

Marek – Previously worked as quant in a Chainkeepers s.r.o., company market making crypto tokens and running liquidation bots and in Quantlane s.r.o. as a team lead quant helped build the data science team. Has experience with company building from CreativeDock s.r.o. as senior data scientist.

David – Enthusiastic JavaScript developer, who loves learning new technologies, always in search for the next technical challenge. Currently working at Seznam, taking care of the team's DevOps and CI/CD needs, alongside JS frontend development.

Ondřej – Cairo smart contract developer. Dabbling in the space since 2019, I have experience with i.e. hedging impermanent loss in DeFi

Andrej – Financial engineer and python developer, working in crypto with focus on derivatives and all things quant. Previously worked at ChainKeepers.

katsuyusama – Builder and manager of communities. Engineering background and experience in HR.

CryptoWild – Youtuber, business developer, community moderator and overall crypto enthusiast.

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